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Ok so now I am really lost at what the "laws" are, if I am supposed to be able to do everything in 2-wheel, every trail/ seasonal road/ what not, then how am I supposed to get out to my camp?

I have property in the UP and for much of the year a person can not make it out to camp in 2 wheel, it is all seasonal roads/no waterways around out there but still between the sand and hills 9 out of 10 times you need to spin a tire to make it down the road.

If this is the case that we are legally supposed to follow then in turn the property is a lost cause? This is where I hunt and fish and according to what I have read so far I am breaking the "law" pretty much anytime I go out to camp. The idea of spinning a tire I think needs to be re-worded. I can see the person that leaves it in 2 wheel to try and dig stuff up being wrong. And in the same sense anyone "trying to just tear it up" being wrong but for those that do not live in the concrete jungle a spinning tire is a way of life.
Hell I had to spin my tires multiple times last winter and yes I was in 2 wheel drive, my front wheel drive car, delivering pizza's in the vast UP.
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