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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
So, if they take away your beer are you going to stand for it?
If they take away your cell phone are you going to stand for it?
If they take away your right to hunt are you going to stand for it?
If they take away your right to fish are you going to stand for it?

Do you care about your sport? If so, get involved. Right now, GLFWDA goes to meetings and says "listen to us. We have 300 people and we want places to play". If everyone on this site would stop bickering and join together, we could go to the state and say "we have THOUSANDS of people and we represent THOUSANDS of recreation dollars". Then we could have some impact.

Everyday another "right" is taken away from us. You cant win with just one aproach, it isn't possible as long as we have someone with a pen running this state who can write an executive order any (^&(*&(*) time she want too.

You better get some members into the legislative seats, if you want your rules changed.

I can take action sitting on the local planning commission (which I do) and not be a member. But this is the first time, anyone has even remotely contacted me about the legal issues of wheeling in order to do something about it.

The word is not getting to the right people...............somehow we have to fix this. Do you suppose someone could drive a Jeep up Levin's rear-end far enough to get his attention, instead of him spending all of his time going after the war? I personally think you need to start making changes in who you are talking to.
People on this board are good people and don't purposely try to destroy nature. But if we cant use it.............why would it matter? It's time to start doing more then blowing smoke!!!!
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