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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
I've been keeping pretty quite about this, but I just have to remark about one thing..........

Originally Posted by Todd
As soon as you start spinning the tires, do you pull cable?

No, you turn around and leave -- that's a DIRECT quote form Steve K. at an ORV AB meeting.

If this is the case in this state, we have already Lost, there is no trail riding in Michigan that is legal, Its time to name this state Cali-Michigan.

How did it get this way, who is responsible,...........and How do we fix it?
I'm sorry to say, even though I have a ton of respect for you guys and the work you do to save our trails. I'm afraid its all for naught.

Apparently, what I'm reading from all of these posts is that if a CO or a DNR official wants to give you a ticket you are going to get one, and every time you drive on a two track you are breaking the law because of a tire spin.

All tires spin in dirt!!!!!!! That's the way they are designed.

Does anybody want to buy my XJ or FLareside? I guess I'm done.
So, if they take away your beer are you going to stand for it?
If they take away your cell phone are you going to stand for it?
If they take away your right to hunt are you going to stand for it?
If they take away your right to fish are you going to stand for it?

Do you care about your sport? If so, get involved. Right now, GLFWDA goes to meetings and says "listen to us. We have 300 people and we want places to play". If everyone on this site would stop bickering and join together, we could go to the state and say "we have THOUSANDS of people and we represent THOUSANDS of recreation dollars". Then we could have some impact.
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