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Originally Posted by MTUJeeper View Post
Have you ever seen the ruts from a skidder? HOLY SHIT! How about the skidder they sunk in a swamp off of canal road in houghton, and then got a dozer stuck getting it out (can you say WETLANDS!!). Or the loggers who go down these roads and it is rough as shit, and they are spinning all day long (my buddy is a logger, you should hear some of the stories from him and his buddies).
As far as boyscout goes, there was a group of guys from our club that went to run boyscout when it appeared that it was going to be closed (not a club run). They came across a DNR officer and questioned him if they could go down there, and he had no problems with it what-so-ever. How about when you come to a trail with a bunch of rocks on it? A 2wd car can't make it down there, you are supposed to just turn around? There won't be any erosion taking place. I had one of the founding members of GLFWDA on one of our stocker runs, it was just like one of our usual wheeling runs, and he saw no problems with anything our club was doing. I'm not trying to defend illegal wheeling, but I'm just trying to get these laws in perspective how if the state is benefiting from the money coming in from logging they turn a blind eye, but after these loggers are done and it is already ripped up, they want to call us driving trhough there illegal. You are correct in the fact that the wheeling for us yoopers is completely different than for you trolls. There are plenty of laws out there that don't get enforced (ie, swearing in front of women and children). Thats a Michigan law, make sure you don't do it. Just like none of these laws which you have stated are enforced up here (except for the wetlands one, I watched some stock guy (not in our club) drive down into a swampy area and get stuck, then ticketed by the DNR. I'm not trying to justify breaking of the law, but I'm trying to put it in perspective of why people up here are ignorant (and I'm also venting a little bit). If this is the way its really gonna be I'm getting out of wheeling all together and starting on the monster truck I've been holding off on until after college.
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