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Enclosed trailer wiring questions - charging battery from tow vehicle...

I just bought an enclosed trailer and plan on running a 12V / 120V setup from a pair of deep cycle batteries.

Charger/converter to charge batteries and provide 12V/120V when I'm hooked up to "shore power", and an Inverter to provide 120V from the batteries when I'm unplugged.

I usually spend 3-5 hours driving to trails and want to hook the deep cycle trailer batteries in the trailer up to my truck's charging system. One of my terminals in my 7-way trailer socket is 12V and looks like about 12ga wire.

^^^ Is it possible to use this wire to charge my trailer batteries when I'm towing? I understand that it won't be enough to revive discharged batteries, but I thought it would work to "top off" the charge on the way up north.

I know there are battery isolators available for RVees for this type of thing, but I don't think I need one for this application - but I'm not sure.
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