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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post

To publicize this at this point and get too much dialog under way may be counter productive. Especially if people start spouting off about it. Don't for a minute think that the DNR is not aware of this web site.

I caution patience.

99.9% of this site wheels legally, and advocates legal ORV use in . If someone is dumb enough to do illegal things on the trail, and then posts the video on the internet, then they probably didn't know what they did was wrong. This is the chance for US to use our voice to openly condemn illegal actions, since the DNR only chooses to educate people with tickets, and that usually is to late.

If you keep the video hidden from everyone, not only does it make others wonder what they did, but it doesn't teach others, especially new people to the sport what is right, and what is wrong.

Its items like this that I believe should be publicized as being wrong, and showed to everyone so that people can learn.

I've been on countless trips where people didn't know what is legal, and what isn't. Once the mass of ORV users are educated on this, I think in the long run it would give a better standing to the government who controls the legality of the sport.

And the comment about the DNR, maybe I'm the only one, but I wish they would be more active, and more importantly INTERACTIVE with the four wheeling community in this state. Nowhere is there a place to engage in conversation without traveling to the meetings that do not always meet the time restrictions of the working man.

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