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The big problem is that he's preaching to the choir. He goes on a hardcore anti-Bush rant, putting some people on the immediate defensive and closing some of the barely open minds. I, for example, consider myself to be primarily Republican. I voted for Bush in the last election and I stand by my choice that he was the better of the two major-party candidates.

However, I feel that Bush is taking our country further in the wrong direction. The damage he is doing right now will be felt by the next administration, and probably several after that. Whoever gets into office following Dubya will more than likely have to deal with the onslaught of "See, I told you that Democrats couldn't do any better" or "See, I told you a Republican couldn't fix the last one's mistakes".

The major point I'm trying to make is that attacking one person and making them the scapegoat isn't going to prove anything, except that you can scribble some words onto paper and assemble them into an argument that makes sense, but it only works if you're appealing to a larger audience. I think that the time has passed for writing letters that appeal to the anti-Bush crowd and start looking at ways we can fix things.

Rather than sitting here, reading Lee or my words and thinking that you either agree or disagree (frankly, I don't care which), DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you don't like how things are being dealt with in government, start writing emails, letters, faxes, making phone calls, working campaigns, etc. One voice in a crowd is hard to hear, but when that crowd is all shouting the same thing, the message gets much clearer.

Another action you can take is to VOTE. If we keep things the same (same people in power, ie. Granholm, Bush, etc), then we can't expect things to change. Michigan is in a sad state of affairs, and yet here we sit with essentially the same government, heading in the same direction we were prior to last November. Now, we're stuck with what we have. So... utilize it. Just because you might not have voted for Granholm or whoever, doesn't mean they don't work for you. Sitting here and replying to this message board won't get your voice heard in Lansing or D.C. If you write a letter or make that phone call, at least you are another voice in the crowd.

If we want to play the blame game, I say that you are free to point fingers all you want. However, when you point your first finger, make sure you're standing in front of a mirror.

(FYI, last year I worked in a campaign office during the governor's race, I'm active in several lobbyist groups, and wrote over 400 letters to my state reps, senators, governor, and the president. I also held a full time job and full time college schedule along with a pretty hardcore World of Warcraft addiction.)
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