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Originally Posted by Sol Goode View Post
What saved chrysler was the federal government giving them a ton of loans. Iacocca did not design the minivan, nor did he design the k car. Those 2 things"saved" chrysler. He was merely a puppet to go in front of the nation. He made several stupid decisions like saying "Chrysler does not need to produce vehicles in the same manner as the Japanese"

Lido is quite a personality, and very engaging to listen to. I have my doubts about the whole "father of the Mustang" thing, since he wasn't a "product guy". He did defend it, and prevent it's cancellation, but driving the mom to the hospital is not the same as participating in the conception .

Despite his long-time toading to the s, (the ones that gave him the loan guarantees) he makes a few good points about leadership, especially in terms of Hurricane Katrina - no leaders, just critics and whiners.
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