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Small correction . . .

The DNR is a State Department.
The NFS is Federal.
Both have their own definition of "Forest Road" which differ from each other - makes it a bit confusing.

4wd on State land other than a designated scramble area or an ORV ROUTE (NOT trail) is illegal.

4WD on Federal 'two-tracks' is OK -maybe.
It depends on if it's a Forest Road, or considered a 'user created' track.
NOT easy to find out, either.

Spinning your wheels and throwing dirt, sand, or mud is considered "Creating an erosive condition" be the DNR and is ticket-able.

County unimproved and seasonal roads can be a lot of fun. You're always legal to travel these, BUT you might have to "create an erosive condition" to navigate them successfully.

It all gets quite complicated.

RULE #1:

RULE #2:
You have to know who's land it is before you know which laws have jurisdiction.

RULE #3:
Even unintentional illegal wheeling gives us all a black eye.

PM me if you want an in-depth conversation about it all.

Pat Brower

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