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Originally Posted by Fatty Matty View Post
Because they have about 9 or 10 free thinkers there, as opposed to the smaller number here.

Actually, I signed up only to use the search feature. Then when I tried to post something that wasn't already covered, I got denied. I'm not going to make 15 bullshit posts just to be able to start a thread. I can understand keeping the trolls away, but that won't work.

The info I was looking for was nowhere to be found anywhere. I ended up talking to a parts guy that found an old parts manual for me at the dealer.

In theory, I could have contributed something, but not allowed to. I'm not going to park my ass in the intro forum just to come up with 15 posts.
My point exactly. Their 15 post rule did it's job. It prevented some one from getting involved that really didn't want to be involved, in your case they missed out because you say that you could have "contributed" something but for the one they loose that is useful it probably keeps out a lot are are not usefull.

To illustrate my point, try to find out how many post Big Al has made in any other forum besides the marketplace. I don't think he's here to find a good group of people to wheel with but is here because it's cheaper then ebay.

Well, since it's looking like I'll be banned in a couple hours have fun with this thread and enjoy the weekend!!!

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