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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post

Shouldn't it stand to reason that this is true? I mean, come on, if a kid really wants to have sex, he or she is going to do it, regardless of what they are taught in school. At least if we taught more than just abstinence, kids would be prepared and taking less of a risk of getting std's including AIDs, or getting pregnant. Sheesh...silly bible thumpers in high political power. They'd probably rather not mention "that filthy act" at all. I suppose to them it's just a shameful little ritual to make babies, and anyone who does it for any other reason is disgusting sinner.
No they like doing that filthy little act but not talking about it. Went over to the neighbor's house about a year ago to get my ladder back. She invited me in while she looked in the laundry room for it, and began a typical jesusfreak spiel about why my "fuck you, you fucking fukc " t-shirt and my pentagram necklace were going to send me to hell.
Then her voice died off, as she noticed me holding the DVD entitled "Rectal Mania" that I'd found on her coffee table.
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