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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
well, then how were Imus's freedom of speech rights violated? We the people complained about it, MSNBC assessed the situation, realized that the viewers weren't liking what they were seeing and saw the sponsors drop, so they dropped Imus. That's how it works.

He still has his radio show.

CBS "cancelled" the radio show - meaning he's off the air but (unless he had a really bad lawyer and really, really weak contract) getting paid.

I'll offer that the hoopla and outcry amounts to an attempt by the media elite to stifle his 1st Amendment rights, but that the government (correctly) stayed out of it. What we collectively have to remember that while there is a freedom of speech, and there are consequences for speaking, there is no right to be protected from having your feelings hurt or hearing something that you don't like or agree with. That's the craziness that's getting out of control.

His employer's actions are capitalism at work.
This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.

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