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Calling bigcountry O'Donnell "fat" is racist? Is "fat" now a race?

Oh come on, the entire Imus thing just highlights the increasing power of the liberal-driven de-facto censorship that's occurring in this country. The alleged restrictions (I've yet to see a factual account of a CITIZEN being denied any rights yet) of personal freedoms driven by the Patriot Act pale in comparison to the witch hunts occurring today.

Imus screwed up - and needs to pay the price. He insulted those girls for no good reason - they weren't asking for it either thru their words or actions. Should he have been fired? That's up to his employers - he screwed up in a highly public way while on the job and alienated customers (advertisers) of his employer. He was (is, depending upon the terms of his contract where I expect he's still drawing full pay for the duration of the term) a highly compensated guy and there are big risks to go along with big rewards.
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