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Default Parting out '83 Wagoneer w/nice body (West Michigan) **dial-up beware**

From my previous Pub thread (before pricing was determined):

I just bought the '83 Wagoneer below over my lunch hour. It's originally from S. Dakota, and is VERY clean. The only notable rust is rust-through behind both wheelwells at the bottom, but that's it. Rockers are great (including in the door openings), floorpans have barely any surface rust underneath (90+% black paint on underside), etc. I bought it for the rolling frame, and will be selling the body either here or on If anyone's interested in replacing their crusty Waggy/GW body, this one would be a great candidate.

It's being delivered to my place tomorrow (Tuesday). I'll post an ad in the Marketplace once I have determined pricing. In the meantime, PM me if you're interested in anything but the frame/springs/axles.

BTW, it has a 360 V-8/727 auto/NP-229. Motor turns over, but won't fire, and also leaks oil. The vehicle has 111K miles on it.


It's showing up at my place tonight around 6:00pm. I added some preliminary pricing info below. I also have this posted on, so parts availability will depend on the timing of responses from both boards. NOTE: The motor/trans may already be spoken for by an interested guy on this site; I should be able to confirm the sale within the next day or two. Anyone else interested in these items should post here to get in line.

The guy I bought it from already sold some small items. The faux wood exterior trim is gone, as is much of the dash (including steering column). The interior door panels are gone, but the seats are still there (and in nice shape overall).

  • Motor w/all accessories: 111K miles, turns over, but doesn't fire, leaks some oil. $175 w/all accessories (brackets, alternator, York compressor, wiring harness) NOTE: I'll provide a discount if you also buy the trans...combo price $200) *** SOLD ***
  • TF-727 transmission: 111K miles, $75 NOTE: I'll provide a discount if you also buy the trans...combo price $200)
  • NP-229 t-case: $75 *** SOLD ***
  • (BODY OPTION #1) Complete body/glass package: Originally from South Dakota. Rust holes in lower quarter panels behind each wheel. Otherwise, the body is in really nice condition. The underside of the floor is in beautiful condition, and is 90-95% black paint. Rockers are also in great condition. I will post detailed underside pics by this weekend at the latest. Doors have some dings, and a little surface rust in a couple places at the bottoms. All glass is in-tact, including the rear window (includes working motor). Body, doors, tailgate, all glass: $250 NOTE: Front clip is not included for this price. *** SOLD ***
  • (BODY OPTION #2) Body/glass only, without doors. This option would make doors, door glass, power window motors/mechanisms, etc. available to anyone else who wanted them. $200
  • Hood: Good condition, no rust. $35 *** SOLD ***
  • Front seats: Tan leather/fabric. The front seats (primarily driver side) are a little dirty, but I think they'd clean up very nicely. I didn't notice any tears. $60 *** SOLD ***
  • Rear seat: Tan leather/fabric. Looks really nice. $40 *** SOLD ***
  • Steering box: $50
  • Driver fender: $25 (passenger fender will be FREE w/driver fender) *** SOLD ***
  • Other items...inquire as-needed.

I'm primarily intersted in just cash, but if you have Jeep-related trade items (or heavier-duty non-Jeep axles), feel free to present these as trade options. I'm not interested in your Toyota Camry, dune buggy, motorcycle, or anything from Bogginboy. :tonka:


UPDATE 4/10/2007: Waggy will now be delivered to me Wednesday instead of tonight. Update to come...

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