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this might be my new favorite site

here's who i am...

first 4x4 - Subaru station wagon! Owned 3 of them!

Favorite 4x4 - My old AMC Eagle!

First REAL 4x4 - K5 Blazer - ohhh yeah!

Others - 2 CJ5, CJ7, FJ40

Current Vehicles

05 Rubi
03 Renegade (Liberty)
01 Ram

We haven't owned a 2 wheel drive vehicle in over 15 years (my bike was a 1 wheel drive - and that whole van thing? well I just plead temporary insanity)

Age - 30 something

My 4x4 moment of Epiphany - Taking a LWB Rubicon out on the trail for the first time (after never having a locked rig before).

Driving style - I drive an '05 Rubi LJ. I crawl when I can, but if crawlin' won't do it - the skinny pedal usually will.

If I get even the smallest scratch on my rig I whine and cry like a b*tch - ask anyone - they'll tell ya ;)

My personal view on wheeling (and don't take it personal if it's different than yours!) - I will never go big on my rig. It's a matter of personal pride if I can do an obstacle in a rig close to stock. If I wanted to conquer it all - I'd have bought a buggy!

official member of the Gypsy Tradesmen Assoc since way back.

I build & work on log homes all over the Eastern USA

Ignore the scraping and banging sounds - it's completely normal!

The most important things in the world to me --- my 2 boys and my beautiful wife. For them I would let the rest of the world burn

Nice site fellas - keep up the good work.

See ya on the trails.
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