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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
...put a bed on it, drop a cummins in it and a 6 speed manual, and dana 60's with 37 inch tires. coilovers and air shocks with a longarm setup. then give it to me for my birthday.
Originally Posted by steveo View Post
whats the rush to chop up a limited production vehicle?
Thanks for the input, Sybil. :tonka:

Originally Posted by cornfed View Post
Sell it . Spend the time saved with your family and working out the bugs of the current tug. Put aside some of the money in savings, spend the rest on other part-out vehicles, a waste veggie oil conversion, and tires more proportionate to the size of the wheel openings.
Originally Posted by drummond View Post
i agree with that . you know the connections to sell it for more money than most people probably could, and there are always improvements to make to a current wheeler. I would think a custom cage setup on your trail-rig on that would look sweet, and some bumper to protect that front end, and maybe even add a winch. That would make recovery easy if you every go out by yourself...probably still have some money left. That is what I would do
Valid points guys, although I think the 34" tires are just about a perfect fit with the stock front springs and NT Waggy front axle. The photo below shows the fit a little better. The one I posted earlier in the thread shows the suspension droop.

I still may consider selling it (I had 3 people ready to buy the complete vehicle when I posted it for sale a couple months ago). My wife gave me the blessing to keep it, though, after I ran through a pros/cons list of keeping vs. selling. It's a little hard to let go of a Jeep that is so rare & rust-free. It's actually cleaner than my trail rig '10a (and that's 99% rust-free).

BTW, a nice custom front bumper is already in the plan for my offroad '10a, as is a cage (longer-term, perhaps). I'll probably look at a winch down the road, but it'll be a while.


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