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Driveshafts are different, so I don't know if that particular is a press fit or not. On mine, the tubes were sweged so the middle part of the tube would have been too large to fit the yoke end.

I highly recommend going to a heavier wall if you are going to wheel it. Most stock driveshafts are like pop cans.

Heres how I recommend doing this:

First, cut off the old yoke end (or ends if you are retubing it completely). I use a chop saw locked on, and lower it just so it makes contact, and rotate the driveshaft by hand to slowly cut through the old weld. You might want some dyed alcohol or something to splash on to see the crack, as when you cut, its easy to not see the line where the two pieces are separated.

Next, cut your tube to length, and insert the yokes. If they are tight, great. If they aren't, but its close, carefully wrap a layer of tape around it, 1 layer at a time (no overlaping the tape. Cut 1 perfect layer, then to the next, etc) to make it snug. not being a press fit isn't a big deal, as a strong weld will hold the yoke just fine.

Next, tack weld it in place. with 2 good tacks, 90* apart.

Now, bolt the drive shaft into the truck, and jack up one wheel (or both if locked), and put the t-case in neutral.

Make a little fixture to hold a piece of chalk, and get it right up to your shaft, just past where you tacked it. Now, spin a tire(a buddy helps here), so the sahft rotates. You'll probably be able to see its wobbling a bit. Advance the chalk VERY slowly until the high point of the driveshaft wobble hits the chalk.

So, you get a chalk mark. Hit the chalk mark with a hammer to straighten it a bit. The chalk mark is always the spot its most out of line, so hitting the mark always straightens it out. Keep doing that until your chalk seems to be hitting even all the way around. As you get closer, be gentle with the hammer, so you don't knock it past stragith and bent the other way. Put a few more good hard tacks on there (I weld it still in the truck at this point) and try again. Still straight? Weld it up solid.

OK, so now its pretty good and straight. Get out your drill, and drill a hole in the side of the big portion of tube. Anywhere is fine. Squirt in some ATF(thats what I use anyway. Some kind of thin oil ought to be fine I suppose. Gear lube or thick oils would be bad jojo in cold weather). I used 1/2-3/4 cup, but my driveshaft is 0.2" wall and 4 feet long, weight ~30 lbs. Weld up the hole, and you are done.

I drive it at 55-60 mph and its fine for my truck.
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