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Default some driveshaft Fab Q's

I read through what the searches gave me and I still got a couple questions.

First, what I'm doing: I'm taking the CV from a Cherokee front driveshaft and putting it onto a rear driveshaft about 2.5-3" in diameter (yet to purchase). Fixed yokes on either end, so there is a slip yoke in the driveshaft itself. The driveshaft is 4' from end u-joint to end u-joint.
  1. is the yoke/CV a press/slip fit into the end of the tubing?
  2. if it isn't, any suggestions to keep it sraight?
  3. the Driveshaft would most likely need shortened unless I strike gold, could I do this at the CV yoke end? or at the slip yoke in the shaft? (as in said here)
For balancing, I've read to use .25 cup of ATF fluid:
  1. I don't have any auto trans junk around, would some other type of fluid work?
  2. should I add this so that it is as close to the middle of the shaft as possible?
  3. Or do I make that shaft with the slip yoke closer to the transfer case and put some in both ends?
  4. If so, would I split the .25 cup or put .25 in either end?
As always, feel free to give me any other pointers as to keep this thing from flying apart down the road.

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