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Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
Umm....if they don't want to transport alcohol, that is their right. Remember, we have rights here in da U.S. of A.

I, working on side jobs in my garage, also have the right to refuse work I don't want to do. And I regularly refuse some jobs.

If you don't agree with the way they run their company, then don't use it.
I'm all for capitalism and what-not. I think the problem is the underlying message here. Which seems to be that I'm supposed to bend to thier religious beliefs. Not gonna happen.

Seems like there'd be a market for a new cab company in St. Paul. Hmmmm... And if I were the customers at Target that was made to scan my own food, I'd sue on discrimination. The company is at fault because that cashier represented their company as a place that discriminates against people that eat pork, making us scan our own products as if they are some kind of disease.

Tolerance has to go both ways, when one side draws a line and says they will not be tolerant of someone else... that's how wars start.
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