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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
My issue is this:

In the U.S. we have a concept called "separation of church and state".

This means that no state, county, or local body can pass or enact any laws, ordnances, rules, or regulations, that enforce Muslim Sharia law.

If you don't want to transport alcohol, don't drive a cab. But more to the point, what if cab drivers started openly declaring they wouldn't pick up blacks? Or Muslims? How well would that play? Conceptually, declaring that you won't pick up fares who are legally transorting alcohol is no different than that. THAT'S the point they're missing.
Precisely what I was thinking. What if Catholics decided not to serve anyone who is pregnant or has a child that isn't married?

Hell, lets just get real nuts and let the Amish run the country. It'd be a wholesome life and LOTS of work to go around.
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