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Posted by WhiteRhino:
"...You are not part of the MMRC...I don't know who they are and don't care. Why? Because at the end of the day I don't believe they have any voice with any clout....."

Announcement by the DNR's Chairman of (quote/unquote) "our" Michigan Orv Advisory Board (AMA Legislative Director District 14):

"..Let me assure anyone reading (that)...any decisions that are major, [COLOR="yellow"]WE MAKE THEM[/COLOR] together through MMRC.
I WILL NEVER REVEAL "who" all the allies are in MMRC, some things in politics, you just don't share"

Since I've been accused of not being 'nice' to many who never deserved it....please answer me why some of you don't have the guts to loudly correct WhiteRhino on his original naieve statement....when he is obviously mis-informed?

When MMRC council members Trail Fanatic and Ironman read blatant untruths like this...and then CHOOSE to keep their mouths shut instead of simply correcting him on this council's obviously powerful and autonomous can see why many of us out here have no more respect for the two of them than the blatantly arrogant author of the quote above.

Again, there are a lot of good folks out here who don't play these childish little games...and who certainly aren't shy about calling out those who DO when it affects OUR trail resource.(and before I go...where is this MMRC document expressing MY views on Michigan orv issues that TF suddenly developed this case of 'cold feet' on...or was he possibly TOLD otherwise?).

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