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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Line item veto = ability for Chief Executive to selectively pass or veto individual items in appropriations bills (approve line items 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7, veto 8, 9, and 10)...

Utterly nullifies crap like this, which is why it never gets enough "oomph" behind it to get it passed. Newt Gingrich got really, really close back in the "Contract With America" era...
I just don't see politicians taking power away from themselves without the people demanding it.

It sure is needed, but think how little would get done without bribes. Oh wait zero bills have been sent to the president this year anyway, my bad. So much for that first 100 hours. They sure have wasted a lot of time trying to make the president look bad. Like he needs any help in that department.
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