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Take a look at how hard it is for a native-born U.S. kid to get a job today.

There's an engineering and IT group at Ford who do their daily work and documentation in Indic (a langugage of India) because "they're more productive".

How many kids named (really named, not nicknamed) Steve, Bob, Brenda, or Sue do you see getting hired into IT jobs today? I see damn few. I do see a lotta Krishnas and Sanjays. They're smart folks, but there seems to be a distinct element of racism going on here. Ever notice that an Asian peoject leader will tend to have all Asian team members - and they will discriminate against other Asians (i.e. Indians won't work with Pakistanis, regional Indian differences, etc...).

When you're laid off for a lower-cost overseas / recent immigrant replacement and your kid can't get a job because "there's a shortage" (where?) and we need to hire all of India and Pakistan, remember Mr. Gates' words.
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