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For the very first time I can say that I read and understood what onemanbanned is saying.

You spelled out that there is no form of requirement for the DNR to post meeting minutes. I agree that we should have that.

John, please, please, stop making accusations to TF. He is making progress at the NFS level and has the guidance of two different lawyers, one being the UFWDA attorney. HE IS GOING ABOUT IT THE RIGHT AND LEGAL WAY.

I really don't care if you do or don't like Dick Rany. But it irritates the S$%t out of me that you make snide remarks about him and others. You are not part of the MMRC and it pisses you off. Guess what? Neither am I. I don't know who they are and don't care. Why? Because at the end of the day I don't believe they have any voice with any clout. By making long winded posts that are 90% pissed off, it drives away others that may get involved.

I too was shut down at an ORV advisory board meeting where they refused to answer my questions. But making enemies will not get me any further.

I have a good relationship with Pete Lumborg who is the head honcho at Silver Lake. Why? Because I politely approached him after a meeting and he has continued to have dialog with me. We haven't accomplished anything but he takes the time to reply to me.

Keep in mind that this is a full size 4x4 site. Yes, there are those that use other types of ORV's for recreation but you will not get much response when discussing the 50" issues.
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