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Originally Posted by phittie1100 View Post
"OMB...Do you have a plan, a proposal, a course of action? Lay it out for us..."
#1) Open the Michigan orv advisory board back up to the general public:

The citizens of this state have been barred from offering up not one, but two applicants to this board representing orv users for over two years now; not to mention the long time period these same people were allowed to act atonommously when the search was delayed for several other sitting members for almost as long. No fresh public commentary has been allowed during that time period and to date; no new orv representive member has offered anything of substance to the meeting minutes.(an absence that actually began long before; as I can find no record of them attending before they were installed).

We cannot, for years, after repeated requests, get these people to simply publish their contact info as the snowmobilers proudly do.

We cannot force them to bring back the stenographer we had perviously to properly record who said what and when for the public record.

We cannot force them to hold meetings nor promise to publish the meeting minutes in any given time period.

We cannot force them to provide simple ground rules for public speaking at the meetings....presently forcing the public to wait 3 months before they reveal just "how it will be different" after literally years demanding that they do just that with nothing but arrogant and rude insistence that they couldn't.

There is absolutely no mechanism which forces the DNR to publish the information presented to them representing the orv community's current views on the critical matters which affect us...or do so in a timely manner. (see the MMRC document that nobody was going to by gosh publish until they were literally shamed into it).

The DNR 'gatekeeps' all requests for information regarding our representative board members; effectively allowing them to assess and quantify all interest the public may or may not have in the program itself...and pull the unannounced multi-year term extensions above off with measured risk.

This is one subject outlining exactly what you ask for.
You may not want me to continue with parts 2 through "10"...yet I think there's enough here to get you started or breed yet even more crass take your pick.
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