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Originally Posted by Evil Queen View Post
I get so pissed off when I read about some school or other being sued because they won't let a girl play on the boy's team. I don't see any boys suing because they can't give birth. Who the hell cares what team they play on....if they are that good, then be content with being the best on the girls team!!! I love guinness, guns and good mudding....but I love being a girl. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. Rant over
Exactly, just because we are created with equal rights doesn't mean we weren't created different. Boys teams are boys teams, girls teams are girls teams, not for abilities but for the sake of the team and everything that goes with it. I have seen were a guy wanted to play volleyball and wasn't allowed because it is obviously a girls sport, he sued for the right to play and lost.

I also completely understand the whole being protective of women thing, some of us are still gentlemen and believe in watching out for women. Not that they can't always take care of themselves, but I was tought to be courteous and chivalrous. If a women was in a dangerous situation men are programmed to step in and protect her. I am glad I don't have daughters because they would be lacking in discipline. I have 3 boys that I can discipline, if they need yelled at or kicked in the behind I can do it.
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