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I guess since you refuse to be polite or remotely PC, I can drop it too?

If you have a question that's one thing, but to make an accusation without doing your research first is quite another.

Actually, funding this IS in my letter, and IS a major portion of the process. Designing the system so that minimum maintenance will be required to begin with will be a primary goal. It MUST be both financially and environmentally sustainable.

The NFS has funding sources available and so do enthusiasts.
The NFS has FAR fewer trails/routes than the Forest Plan states as it's maximum density.

So, there's funding and room for more.
If there wasn't, it wouldn't be happening.
This isn't a State Route program, it's an entirely Federal initiative.

Get the facts before you assume and accuse, it makes you look a bit silly.

Instead of arm-chair quarter-backing, why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Don't post it here. Post it in a letter to the NFS.

Prehaps, because you're so poor with your communication skills that no one will listen to you? For heaven's sake, go down to your local Community College and take a Communications course!

I've stated before that I'm willing to answer any question asked in a polite tone. Have some manners. Ask in a polite tone and I'll answer in a polite tone. Ask with added accusation, innuendo, and attacks, and I too will ignore you. Complain all you want, it won't do you any good until you figure out how to work with others and the systems.

I'm done trying to answer anything for you until you start.

Good bye OMB, good luck figuring things out. I doubt it will be easy for you with that chip on your shoulder.

I ask you:
How many possible allies have turned away from you as a result of your poor behavior?

You can add one more to that count . . . me.
I've made a month long effort to inform and calm you, and don't have any more time or patience to waste on it.

If you are uninformed, it's because you won't hear the answers given.

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