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Originally Posted by Grifter View Post
specifically in relation to the "front lines" this shit will lead us into a mess..

people who havent been there or in the service fail to realize the bonds that grow between troopers thats based on the trust that relys solely on the "i know he will and can do his job, and i know how he will react"..its the whole Nic Cage "Con Air" statement.."theres only 2 men in this world i trust and only one of em is standing here"..

question pertaining to the issue at hand is what gay service member number 1 is gonna do when his or her "bunk buddy (gay serviceman nember 2)" gets shot thru the head while engaging the enemy in combat.

in light of that question...i just spent a weekend in Savannah GA. for St Patties Day bouncing a bar managed by a openly gay guy (it should be noted Dave is a 220lbs, works out every day and could kick alot of peoples ass')..unfortunatly he also hired his butt buddy to help bartend for the festival...needless to say when shit got outta hand and we more or less had a bar wide brawl going on and his lil guy got knocked out cold dave was on his hands and needs cradling pussy boys head rather than helping me and the crew deal with the situation which basically consists of 99 pissed off customers trying to take over a bar being secured by 7 service buddies of to be but the army cant take the chance of adding that kind of emotional stress to an already stress charged situation that requires all hands available performing efficiently and effectively..fully realizing the consequenses of the action they are in..same shit can be said for the ladies. i am overly protective of the females in my life..i feel i was designed that way..i could never function in combat with a woman next to me...i would feel it my job to ensure her it protective nature..rather than fighting a war i would be running my own PSP detail..which would lead to the death of another has been said like this "a distracted soldier is a dead soldiers buddy"

now can we get this political bull shit behind us and go kill some terrorists please.

well said .
not sure what my opinion here is.
im against a citizen not have ing the same rights base on sex or. and am convinced that most of the fight to keep thease other americans from haveing all the same rights is religon trying to impose its will on the world and dictate what everyone veiw of morality is,or that of plane stupidity and ignorant hate.
but your talk of combat sit. does make me think more about it .
still dont think they should not be alowed to be in though. women are after all
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