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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
As you may know, lately, the crazies have been extra crazy, and have actually seen some punishment for it.

For example,

Ann Coulter's comments about John Edwards got her column dropped by 9 newspapers, probably more to come.

Michael Savage, conservative talk radio psycho, was dropped by the CAA two days after he was signed as a client.

After Bill O'Reilly made certain comments about Shawn Hornbeck on The Factor, he was ousted as keynote speaker by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

What's next?

Post up your predictions here!

My guess is Rush Limbaugh is gonna get higher than a kite and accidentally say the "n" word. Vegas is giving it 10 to 1 odds. ;)
Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Joe Biden's fiery speech on the floor of congress.

I'm glad somebody can stand up and say it. I mean sure, i'm sure its totally motivated by the fact that he' s running for president, but at least he's saying it.
Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
this guy is scaring me.

He believes that 30 year mortgages are against the bible and adulters, gays, kids behaving badly, and sodomizers should be put to death. thats just a couple of the nutty things he says.
The above are all examples of 3 posts of which if excluded from the New Posts button I wouldn't have to see.
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