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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
um, correct me if I'M wrong, but isn't over 2/3 of that money going towards a war started by conservatives and supported by conservatives and not really actually helping any non-military U.S. citizens. Hmm. Guess where I think the money is seeing better use?

That makes me say perfect example of "CONSERVATIVES" NOT BEING VERY CONSERVATIVE.
Wait guys, I think your missing the point. It isn't a battle between and

The bill is for funding the war. If they think that money is better spent somewhere else then don't pass the bill.

It's all the extras tagged on to the end of the bill that gets me angry. I know they use this tactic to get votes from people who would otherwise not vote for it. If you read the article you'd see these pork barrel tag on's are put there by to appease some of the other so that they will have enough votes.

See, the democratic party won't defund the war because it is seen by the public as not supporting the troops, but a major part (75) of the dem's DO want to defund, so they are adding on all this extra B.S. to convince them to vote yes.

None of this pork barrel is coming from the other side of the aisle as far as I know. It would be wrong for either party to do this in my opinion.
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