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Originally Posted by Lothos View Post
Question, as a professional soldier would you have an issue with anyone that is just as physically and mentally capable on the frontline regardless of sex/orientation/race/etc. IE: would you serve say side by side with an openly gay guy? I don't think I would have an issue no more than if it was a female TBH. It's about being professional is all.
Yes. Its a mental distraction because they are different. Not sure its the right word, but in the case of a homosexual its would be "hostile" feelings. In the case of a female, its elevated concern, like its my responsibility as a male to go out of my way to protect them, which can impact me performing my primary duty. Seeing females getting injured or killed has a different psycological effect on a lot of people, which is why I didn't even associate with any of the females on post. I didn't want to know them at all.

There is a time and a place for it, just as there is a time and place for getting the job done. Its obviously important to respect the chain of comand in the field, but professionalism frequently takes a back seat when things start happening around you and you tend to worry less about insulting people while you are "busy". I say be professional back on post or in garrison when you have the time and safety to worry about it.

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