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It should be just like Battlestar Galactica and Starship Troopers so we can sleep and shower with the chicks.

I agree. Warner is an idiot if he thinks that that acceptance is growing in the Military. One of the major principles of efficiency in the Army is uniformity. Having to deal with second and third? sexes just fucks everything up, not to mention that 99% of deployed females demonstrate stereotypical female traits that really have nothing to do with "male mentalities". The vast majority of them just do not have the absence of conscience that is required in order to do the job - which has become more evident now with the placement of MP's (co-ed MOS) on the "front lines" although they are catagorized as "support elements". Some of the other characteristics I frequently see are insufficient strength (can't change a Humvee tire, fatigued from carrying weapons, failure to overcome a male enemy) and a general lack of agressiveness or tactical sense. They just aren't suited for fighting. Those that do possess the proper mindset get prosecuted for building pyramids.

The way things are being railroaded reminds me a lot of Little League Baseball/Football/Soccer. Parents/Politicians are too wrapped up in letting every kid get time on the field and forget that the point of the game is to hurry up and kill everyone that needs to be dead so we can go home.
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