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"...If you don't like it, SHOW UP!
. . .and be WORTH working WITH!

If you don't present yourself appropriately, you'll end up getting ignored (as people naturally tend to do to those who do not -- It's human nature)..."

I made it a point to "show up" at every meeting that was availiable for years.

My last appearance involved outright lies by the very people you defend today; lies propagated so that my simple right to speak out as a citizen of this state was taken away immediately, rudely and without apology.

Please don't preach to me about how the citizens of this state must be "WORTH" listening to or how we will be 'ignored' if you, or any of these people you defend, choose to loudly slam the gavel down right in the middle of our public presentations at these meetings.

We have the right to speak out while demanding that our questions be answered..and we will do so whether you sit on this MMRC council comfortably insulated from the realities of public opinion....or not.

Again, don't throw these buzzwords about 'getting involved' at me, my young friend...and especially if you're a little wet around the ears, yourself.

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