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Back in the day, I used to have a 2000 Ram 3/4 ton quad cab 4x4, was pretty decent for towing.

360 / 4 speed auto / 4.11 gears. Not the fastest, but it pulled.

Mileage was never good, about 10mpg city/12mpg hwy/8-9mpg towing.

Unloaded, it was always pretty peppy for a 6000 lb truck, my current ram is the same truck, but a V10 with 3.55 gears. No faster unloaded than the V8, but more grunt towing.

If its a 1/2 ton, it is a good chance it has 3.55 gears, otherwise, they are 3.91s. If its a 3/4 ton, its probably got 4.11 gears, also 3.55s were technically possible.

The 4.11s certainly helped off the line, and in 3rd gear, it towed quite well, but RPMS get on the high side around 65-70 mph, which is, of course, right where you want to tow at. In overdive, mine didn't have the grunt with any incline to pull it at 65-70, but if I was at 75-80, getting the rpms up a touch, it'd pull hills better.

All in all, it was a decent truck. Being a 3/4 ton, braking was strong and it was always very stable with a load on it.

I'm much happier with my current V10, though. There was no real gas mileage difference between the two. Going to our UP runs, that rig get 9mpg pulling that CJ5/trailer. My current ram shown below got 9.5 mpg pulling htis load to tellico through the mountains.

The transmissions seem to hold up well behind the V8s. The V10s and Diesels eat them up usually around 100k miles.

Track bars are a perenial wear item on them, causing sloppy steering. My blue truck was worn after 40k miles, my current V10 is ready for a replacement this summer.

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