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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
What do you mean "gets used correctly" on what?
What goddamn jobs is the government going to create?

"The money has to come from somewhere" for what?????????????/
Thats a great plan, pay lazy fat fuckers that wont work so they don't steal from you. Are you fucking stupid??????????
Can you tell me what the hell is the differance????

How about letting me keep my own money and I will defend my own "stuff".

I've never seen so many dumb fucking opinions in my life.
well if you defend your own stuff and shoot the assclown stealing your Benjamin's, then he has to go to the hospital and the state has to pay for this and you will eventually press charges and he will end up in jail. and Hitler proved you can't get away with cleansing a population (in this case low life welfare recipients) You have to do something for them, as much as it sucks, unless you want them to keep inbreeding.

ANd under her plan she is going to create jobs by making michigan residents smarter and appealing to businesses. whether or not this works has yet to be determined. Economics are complicated and there are lots of ways to solve a problem.

with this, i am done with this thread. If anyone would like to complain about my opinions please send them to this address:

123 I didn't go to a Ghetto School
Blow Me, MI 49201
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