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Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
But if the extra money actually gets used correctly and more jobs get created then that 2% is a small price to pay.

The Money has to come from somewhere? If you have a better idea as to where it can come from why don't you purpose.

and if you want to take it from the welfare system, a lot of good that will do you, because instead of setting around at home in a drunken stupor, They will go out and steal what they want, and will just end up in Prison.

What do you mean "gets used correctly" on what?
What goddamn jobs is the government going to create?

"The money has to come from somewhere" for what?????????????/
Thats a great plan, pay lazy fat fuckers that wont work so they don't steal from you. Are you fucking stupid??????????
Can you tell me what the hell is the differance????

How about letting me keep my own money and I will defend my own "stuff".

I've never seen so many dumb fucking opinions in my life.
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