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Originally Posted by sodapop View Post

I guess what I'm asking (in a nice and serious way) is to convince me of my error in supporting Granholm. I hear the 2% tax cut thing and have read a bit about that but need to do more. Give me what you feel are other examples of her doing a poor job.
Its nothing that can be fixed immediately, no matter who is in power, but granholm is compounding the problems.

Increasing taxes (which granholm has done over and over, and more are in the works) do nothing but REMOVE power from the people, and put it in the hands of the government. This is makes a welfare state, supports communism, and lowers the working mans bring home.

When the working man is bringing home less money, they have less money to buy stuff. When people can't afford to buy stuff, manufacturers do not have to build as much stuff, that means the bottom line gets cut. This means people are fired/layed off. This means the people who are layed off go on government assistance. Be it WIC, welfare, or unemployment aid. This adds to the governmental burden. Which means they have to RAISE more taxes.

It is a never ending downward spiral, slowly removing bring home pay from working people, and putting it in the hands of people without jobs.

Comerica is moving away, Michigan is going to lose 7000 jobs. This means 7000 people will be getting handouts from the government, and this means we have to come up with

7000x380.00 per week = $2,730,000
or $131,960,000 in government unemployment "benefits" handouts because of these 7000 jobs lost in the next year (if everyone goes to unemployment). And Michigan is the only state losing jobs.

It will never end until someone LOWERS taxes, LOWERS governmental handouts, and cleans house.

I'm going to start flying this flag below my american flag in place of the michigan flag.

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