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Default Stuck in 4 Low

Well...............has anybody come across this before.
My F150 (302, E04d,Borge Warner t-case) seems to have an issue.
I put it into 4 -low, heard a little bit of clattering, and now it will not come out of 4 low. I can run the lever between 4 high, 4low and 2 high, but it stays in 4 low. Also it will only shift manually 1st, 2nd, and reverse. Drive gear, will not shift through, it just stays in first.

This happened once last summer when I was on the dunes, but once I put it in to 2high a couple times it started working again.

I checked the linkage to the T-case from the tranny and that is still connected. However, the shaft for the lever on the t-case (connected to the tranny) will move in and out of the t-case about 1/4 of an inch.

Any suggestions?

Oh and by the way, this T-case has about 7000 miles on it since it was rebuilt, and to be honest the other parts on this truck that this so called mechanic touched have also broke and been replaced.

Please help, I'm sick of being taken advantage of.
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