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Default Can someone help me understand this..

"You need to take an international economics class to understand that Toyota is doing more good for America than GM and Ford and Chrysler."

I don't understand this. Can an expert in international economics please explain to me how this is doing more good _in America_?

If Ford, GM and Chrysler Group have 76% domestic content, then wouldn't Toyota have to have more than 76% domestic content to do America "more good" than the 'Big 3'. Right now they have about Toyota/Lexus 47%.

Or by other factors: 120K GM jobs vs Toyota 32K, 27 GM factories vs Toyota 6. GM 74% domestic content vs Toyota 47%.

yes they are growing in the US and this will provide jobs for Americans, but are they doing more good? I don't see how.

Any of the free thinkers wanna jump in an explain?
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