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Can someone help me understand this..

"You need to take an international economics class to understand that Toyota is doing more good for America than GM and Ford and Chrysler."

I don't understand this. Can an expert in international economics please explain to me how this is doing more good _in America_?

If Ford, GM and Chrysler Group have 76% domestic content, then wouldn't Toyota have to have more than 76% domestic content to do America "more good" than the 'Big 3'. Right now they have about Toyota/Lexus 47%.

Or by other factors: 120K GM jobs vs Toyota 32K, 27 GM factories vs Toyota 6. GM 74% domestic content vs Toyota 47%.

yes they are growing in the US and this will provide jobs for Americans, but are they doing more good? I don't see how.

Any of the free thinkers wanna jump in an explain?
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