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Originally Posted by FlatFender View Post
I think evolution has a lot of holes.
MMmm...not really. See, this is where most people will start arguing with me, but just bear with me for a second here...

See, most people hear Theory of Evolution, and immediately block out everything being said and start thinking of ways to argue with coming from monkeys. Besides the fact that we come from apes, and not monkeys, most people fail to hear the most crucial part of the name. See, it's not just the Theory of Evolution. It's the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. And incidentally, it's all but fact. We have proof of early human life, that can be traced squarely back to to us, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Granted, there are a few holes in our own evolution that we haven't found, but we also have evidence of the evolution of other species. Honestly, there is far too much evidence in favor of Evolution by Natural Selection for it to be conclusively proven wrong. At least, not without a massive effort, and some sort of explanation for the various forms of early human life.

Again though, the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection does not disprove the existence of God. Nor would I want it to, really. Faith is a wonderful thing to have, and it can get you through some really tough times.
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