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Originally Posted by SkyyPunk View Post
Whoa whoa whoa! I am not trying to change your minds, just saying this particular article which claims to be an argument for showing God exists is full of extreme bias, and plays on peoples lack of better knowledge

Faith is great, no doubt, we all need it. This article, however, is junk... that was my point

If you are going to believe in God, believe in it because you have faith in what you hold true. Don't believe in it because of this crud
Sorry,.................just the Mac joke was directed for your quote

The other part was directed at well..............they know who they are.
Sorry I hi-jacked it.

I'm just a little confused on why religion is such a popular subject on a 4x4 E-board. I can see however why religion would be important to 4x4 drivers when you just topped test hill at Silver Lake with your throttle stuck wide open...........

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