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good post leanz,

i grew up in your run of the mill "christian" house hold...

left for the army to figure out what life and the world where all about..

2 combat tours later i am a firm believer that GOD exists and is active in our world whether we want to see it or not...

finaly this semster i am sitting thru a natural science geology course at the occ.. cant say i havent given every theory a chance.. things that stand out to me in this class include the fact that my instructor repeatedly states the basis of these sciences is a bunch of assumption that if ever proven wrong will destroy science's credibility...

yeah so i can base my beliefs on the assumptions of man

or i can belive in the supreme all knowning being we call God..

my thoughts,


oh yea leanz if you ever wanna discuss some of this religion stuff..give me holler ..i would be willing to share my outlook on the matter..
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