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Default Using GM stick 197?-Present most models w/ Cruise

If you own a GM vehicle you are probably wondering why there are so many functions on one stalk? People haveing been trying to figure this out for Years, as with most models its been this way since the 70's.

Unlike Other car companies which place the wipers on a seperate stalk and integrate the Cruise in the Steering wheel, GM has Felt the need to keep their cars out of date and to brain wash Customers in making them feel comfortable only using GM Cruise Control.

Earlier Stalk pictured here, very similar version, sans chrome could be found in Camaros and Firebirds until their Demise in 2002.

Here is a More Resent Cgm Stalk, (pictured 2000 GMC Sonoma)

Here is how you use it since most of the directions you can't read while Driving, You simply have to go by Feel (quite ****ty feeling most of the time)

To operate your TURN signals you simply move the lever up for Right and Down for Left. Quite simple actually (but try not to hit Resume on the Cruise while doing so)

Next are the wipers, these are actually quite complicated, If you just have a mist you turn only the Wiper part of the stalk Toward you (CW), Just tap it, if you hold it you may end up getting more wipes than you bargain for. For Intermitent use turn the Wiper Control Portion away (CCW) from the steering wheel, the further you turn it the faster the wipers go. *Now Pay attention* this next part is very difficult to do as the ergonomics of it and the lack of Visibility are quite prominent, You need to Twist the inner part Closest to the steering column away from you in order to activate the washer(s) try not to to twist too much, as you may damage stalk or hurt your wrist because its such an awkard reach. Now wait for your wipers to keep wiping after the windsheild is already clean and now you have streaks!!!

For Cruise Control Equipped Models, To "arm" your cruise Control, simply flick the lever furthest to the left on the stalk to the center position, I may sound like its broken but relax its perfectly normal, Except for when it does actually break at a socially crippling time. Here comes to the tricky part, to set the cruise at the desired speed obtain that Speed Via foot throttle, Once there Press the button at the left end of the stalk, It says "SET" on it, but you can only read this while looking into the drivers side window which is most helpful since you are indeed driving the Car, you jsut have to go be Feel. Once set your car may or may not have an indicator, you'll know its on because the car will keep a constant speed and control the Gas pedal.
OH ZOINKS, Some lady just cut you off, now you want to coast, But there is no coast button on the stalk like some other makes have, the Coast is indeed your Brake pedal so just give a little tap, so that your brake lights come on causing the person riding you a$$ slams on there breaks and it continues down a hole stream of cars until they nearly stop.... To Resume your Speed slide the Lever on the stalk to the Right and the car should accelerate back to your previous speed.
To change your Speed while the cruise is set can be tricky, To slow down in a jerky nonuniform manor, simply hold and release the "SET" button until the desired Speed, To speed up Slide the little switchy thing over like you do to resume to accelerate, *Caution* some cars will automatically get floored in an effort to gain 1 or 2 mph.

To operate High Beams, Pull stalk toward you, Not away, this makes it extremely difficult sometimes to use your highbeam in a construct informative way to other drivers. and the stalk will sound and feel like its going to break, but don't be alarm, its normal just pray that it doesn't break.

If you are still confused refer to owners manual, and note that the same Crash Test Dummie is still flying thru the air because he isn't wearing his seatbelt

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