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This is more for the newbies than the thread creator.

When I first started out "web wheeling" and trying to get ideas & tips for my Jeeps... I asked a TON of dumbass questions until one day, a guy that was nice and hated seeing people get flamed told me some very valuable information. [please note: I still ask dumbass questions if I cannot resolve them... read on]

The problem with newbie questions is that they're all pretty much the same. "What kind of lift, tires, suspension, axles...:chiefwoohaw: should I get???"

He directed me to the little button up in the header of the website that says, "SEARCH". Type the main topic of your question in there and you'll get a TON of research & discussion. No matter what your budget is, how extreme you wanna go or off the wall you think your question is... chances are someone else has already asked it. If then you don't find what you're looking for... ask.

I'm not trying to flame you with this, but how many times can someone ask, "I just bought a Jeep and want to lift it! How far should I lift it and what kind of tires should I put on it???" before you wanna take a .45 to your own noggin.

If there were a newbies section... the first sticky should read: "We cannot tell you what you should do with your Jeep/Truck/SUV first, because frankly we have no idea what you plan to do with it, how much you want to spend on it, the way you drive and a million other factors. Please just take it out as it is and wheel with it. What you need to do to it first, will come rapidly into your mind."

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