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Holy Cow! I started to laugh halfway, if you put all that typing into the form of a letter, typed calmer, and didn't attack people you could help everyones cause!

But honestly, call me simple minded, but I have NO IDEA what half you typed actually meant!

I was one of those few that got to see you give public comment, I didn't know who you were or what you wanted....still don't really....but from my perspective, take some calming drugs or lay off the caffeine or something and slow down and address people like you don't want to kill them!!! Just reading this, I get the feeling your yelling at everyone!

Wow! Intense!

Edit: Ok, I read more, and tried to understand it.....this whole thing sounds like a vent. Your ticked, I can understand that. I think your ticked at the wrong people thou! Your trying to attack people that are doing their best to "infiltrate" the DNR world! Its so screwed up on their end, yes snowmobilers seem to get treated the best, that ORV's aren't considered profitable?? Or something that helps Michigans economy. The point is, ORV's, Bikes, and Full Sizes are all waaay down the list of "important" things, we get the short end on everything. It won't change. Not until that image goes away of us being something to have to deal with at the end of the day when everyone is tired and wants to go home!

That 60" bill wasn't any good from my point of view. I was under the impression that it meant that we had to come up with money to modify ALL trails in Michigan to meet this requirement. I would have been for it if it meant any new trails had to meet this requirement....was I understanding this wrong?

Face it, we are all fighting for trails, against each other, why should I ignore my own desires and push money and miles away from my goal?


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