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Default NBA Player Has An Opinion - So What?

So everyone has their panties in a bunch over this Hardaway NBA player saying he doesn't like gays.

Doesn't free speech apply here?

He's an entertainment personality (yes, professional sports are "entertainment") and he has an opinion - one that he expressed. Last I heard, that was allowed.

Now, as an entertainer, he runs the risk of alienating some part of his audience through expressing his opinions - a risk he;s free to take. But not allowing him to play in the All Star game because of his opinions seems wrong.

If he said "George Bush hates black people" or "Catholic priests are all perverts" there would've been no issue - in fact he would'e been applauded.

I can't help but see this as a media witch hunt.

This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.
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