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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
John I did apply for the "At Large user" spot on the board about a year ago when it was still open. maybe next time. I don't have enough free time to be a full time ORV club president of something along those lines. I already spend way to much time here.
I agree with both the last two points and sincerely want you to know that I truly respect the fact that you have allowed me to have my say on these hugely important matters facing all of us (thanks to the owners also). I'm also proud to say that I know someone who applied for that board position; as the first DNR employee I ever ran into years ago described the membership and structure then as "a goat rodeo.....good luck to ya!".

Love the debate and think it is important; yet I will leave you guys now to sit on the sidelines and see how this plays out. I'm spending way to much time on these issues also, Dana and if I knew 10 other guys or gals like yourself who were willing to not attack everybody with a contrary opinion....I'd most likely be with every one of you until the end.

The 3 things that I wish I could have accomplished for the sake of those seeking to get involved in the future:

#1) The creation of an advisory board actually responsible for answering the legitimate questions put forward to them containing members (less the sherrif) who gladly display their contact info as a means to that end.

#2) An insistence that all meetings be held when scheduled; that all debate be properly recorded and that all board members serve their terms as published with the application process for new members and new ideas comencing well before any one term expires.

#3) That no one outside representative council be allowed to approach the board without full disclosure as to how said group works both within the political limitations of their respective non-profit(s) and the shadowy world of anonymous groups designed to skirt such limits in the first place. (if you want to 'represent' so out here in the light of day like a man and make publicly availiable your views on each particular issue that we face as if you are indeed proud of same).

I did indeed fail at each one of these and many more procedural ideals I believe are required for this community to proceed both respectfully and professionally in the eyes of those expecting nothing less...yet I again appreciate the opportunity to give my opinion on these matters here with very few attacks overall as to my character.

Thanks again and good luck to you, Dana along with others I won't get the chance to thank,


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