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[QUOTE=Nvrenuf;430805]"...I was also at the ORV advisory meeting that the attempt was made to widen all trails to 60"..."

While I respect your version of that 'after-the fact' event as you saw it; the defeat of this groundbreaking bill was accomplished in less than 26 hours and bragged about using that same time frame by the MMRC through a press release on the AMA-D14 website and elsewhere.

"...The dollar amount was outrageous to widen trails to gain a few inches and still not allow full access to all users...."

There was never a dollar amount published anywhere that I am aware of. Could you please share some info on the above while listing when/where this important study was done and exactly what non-partisan group performed this through what funding source?

This was not about giving the vast majority of machines out there (most already at or near 50") the safe width needed to navigate these trails.
The defeat of this important bill was about forcing the only selfish minority group out there into finally working on these trails together with the majority while molding the system into a true multi-use one that EVERYBODY could then access as should be their right.

What the full-sizers don't seem to 'get' the fact that a united light 2 and 4-wheel category has one heck of a lot more power to immediately help and stand by their other brothers in the sport who require the special treatment needed that these arrogant cyclists never deserved in the first place through their nasty change in attitude over the years.

There is not an orv enthusiast outside the motorcycle community out there that doesn't respect the special needs of these bigger trucks.
Yet it is the heavy 4 wheel drive enthusiast's responsibility to not act like the cyclist's have done and divide this community even further by supporting their crybaby "It's MY trail" crap any longer.
You folks have the power to finally shove these bastards into a corner and support a unified community instead of effectively ignoring what goes on in the weight class below you while believing that everybody seeking a trail of their own doesn't affect your progress whatsoever.
It's called standing up for the concept of working together on the same trails...and we're ALL guilty of ignoring this legacy-driven premise.

"...I would be able to support changing to wider trails at the time they needed maintenance or when new trails were added, but not to convert all miles at one time...."

I hope that i'm putting this politely...yet when these arrogant cycle leaders describe the trail system as being raped by the 4-wheelers and propose shutting down certain trails for "study" while they inexplainably propose thrashing out new ones RIGHT BESIDE THEM as a solution...I think it's about "time they need maintenance" in my book.

As for 'when' the new trails are added...well that time is about 'now' with about 750 more miles on the board and a representative council in control of our proposal to the state that won't allow public input as to that suggestion.

And as for converting the mileage at one can't send a funding proposal team into fee increase negotiations who refuse to (and this is key) properly assess the overall cost of anything....if the very team itself is opposed to opening up the system 5 inches on either side for all to access regardless of the cost in the first place!
Especially when these same people refuse to evaluate the needed maintenenace privitization facet in their cost figures; as this even further erodes their power by shoving them away from the funding trough while forcing us all to work TOGETHER on the same trails behind these new and dependable contractors!.

Everybody's been paying 16 bucks a year for this massive sytem in disrepair that has been suffering through flat sticker sales for how many years now....yet every one of them wants to add 750 more miles; ride the shoulders of the road and by gosh be portrayed as being the 'gold standard' when it comes to environmental responsibility; overall maintenance standards; enforcement and safety. (and don't forget the huge amount of time and monies sucked away from the resource to babysit the "needed" southeastern Michigan riding area whether it be pay-to-play or not).

It's an environmental mess just waiting to happen and the attitude above says a lot more about who we truly are than I for one am ready to investigate further as an enthusiast.
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