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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
I don't suppose you applied for your stint as a ORV rep?

I would hate to see you miss your chance to replace Glen or Dick as their terms expire. who knows you might even get more then 3 minutes to speak at the meetings
When did the application process begin?

Wasn't this needed search for new opinions supposed to start at least 6 months before "God's" first term expired over a year ago? (or possibly more given the disgustingly poor record of actually installing these applicants that nobody but seemingly myself has ever complained about?).

What many (and I don't count you in here, Yetti) don't understand, is the following;

When you allow the state to so cavalierly trash these appointments (let alone allow them to structure this board differently from the sledder board in the first place) you set a precedent that will indeed bite you (us) right in the arse someday when somebody worse than "God" (help us) is installed perpetually and their multiple expired term is covered up and manipulated in the same manner as we've unbelievably witnessed to date.

Today, we're saddled with a guy up there insisting that the manufacturers by gosh build their machines to whatever standard he dreams up at the moment with the guy beside hiom insisting that the NOHVCC or the CPSC damn well look into it....yet what in the heck pray tell are the "what iffers" of tomorrow capable of...and especially when they're hand-picked by the damn DNR!

Do you want to find out what 'precedence' morphs into on down the line in these governmental relations....when we already have 'leaders' standing up and spewing this kind of garbage without so much as a 'peep' from anyone?

I think our kids deserve better and it's a shame that nobody has the guts to say so regarding even the simplest of these procedural matters.
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