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Originally Posted by signman View Post
Well i don,t see what is hard about this,1607,7...3974--,00.html other than using a phone book to look them up.
You want us to use a phone book; the DNR wants us to contact them (first)...while the sledders simply step up like men do without having to ignore requests for literally years to do so.,1607,7...1116--,00.html (please compare this list containing term lengths spelled out and contact information given with your sarcastic demand that we all get out the phonebooks and somehow determine when the average 'peon' can once again apply for representative orv positions).

Tell me there, signman....what do you have to say about the orv advisory board term lengths (complete with start and finish dates) that were formerly published for all to see until the chair blew right through (now) two expiration dates....making those very simple flow charts an outright embarrasment for those charged with keeping the representative board protocol at the very least legitimate for the sake of future applicants?

Cat now got your tongue as it obviously has Trail Fanatic with his 'one post and out' proclamation?....I thought so.

I love how you guys come on in here and obviously take what must be your best shot....yet slink right back into your holes when the sad facts of this sordid mess are thrown right down at your feet.

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